Ramzann Healthy Eating

Published on 15 May 2019

dr rashmi shah

The holy month of Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and a time when many Muslims across the world fast during daylight hours for 29-30 days.

Suhoor and Iftaar During Ramadan, two main meals are served: suhoor, which is served before dawn, and iftar, which is served after sunset. 

Suhoor should be a hearty, healthy meal to provide needed energy throughout a day of fasting — it ends when the sun rises and the fajr, or morning prayer, begins.  At the end of the day, when the sun sets, the maghrib prayer starts, and the day's fast is broken with iftar. Many Muslims break their fast by eating dates before beginning the iftar meal. Muslims can continue eating and drinking throughout the night until the next day's suhoor.
Start your Suhoor with 1-2 glasses of water.  

Food options for Suhoor – 
Start your Suhoor with 1 bowl of fresh fruits. After an hour have your wholesome breakfast as - 
1. Overnight oats
2. Egg omelet & Bread Toast
3. Paratha, Rice , Veggie Sandwich 
4. Poha, upma, daliya
5. Stuffed veggeis roll   

Make sure to eat more vegetables & proteins more than carbohydrates. Avoid simple carbohydrates like maida , sweets, desserts, bakery products etc. 

Just before you start fasting, eat 1 cucumber or 1 bowl watermelon Or ¼ cup sweet dish
Then 5 min before you start fasting drink a glass of water with sabja seeds & mint to keep you feel full & hydrated. 

Iftaar –  

 If you want to do exercises, do it 20-30 min before you start Iftar.  

To begin with Drink 3 glasses of water with ½ lemon in it. You can add some Mint leaves, 2 pinch salt & 1tsp Sugar.

Then have handful of dry fruits (with only 2 dates) or Mix fruit & vegetable juice Or Smoothie. Add up some protein powder to the smoothie.  

After 1 hour,  

Eat your proper meal with right portion of chapati, Brown / Regular rice, protein & veggies.  

*** 1 bowl of salad with added green leafy vegetables is compulsory.
Limit to ½ cup sprouts OR Lentils only.  

After the big prayer, drink a cup of Turmeric milk – 
(Milk + 3 crushed almonds, kesar, turmeric powder, sounf powder, cinnamon powder. Do not add sugar if you are a weight watcher. Boil it well. Drink it hot or warm or cold without straining it)  

*** If you are a weight watcher then avoid eating sweets & fried in Iftaar.
You can have it in very small amount during Suhoor.
Drink at least 3-4 lit of water from Iftaar till you again start fasting. 
Lastly, take lot of rest during the day. Do not do any heavy work during this time. Try to be calm, positive & meditative throughout the Ramadan. 

Aap Sabhiko Ramzaan Mubarak….…. Take care…


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