weight Loss Vs. Fat loss

Published on 26 Feb 2019

dr rashmi shah

I am losing

Inches, looking slimmer but still no Change on Scale


One of the most common question I get in my inbox almost each


Every morning when you stand on weighing scale, if see it going

lower your mood is better, if its not…then you feel demotivated.

Lets Understand,

What is Weight Loss & Fat Loss?

When you loose weight you loose water , fats & sometimes

muscles too. Your weight is not just about your fats but it’s a total of your

fats, muscles, bones, organs & lot many things inside your body.

It kepps changing every hour depending on what you eat &


When you are bloated, constipated then it will show more

weight. Even it will show less on weekdays & more on weekends.

Isnt it more confusing?

It is but not after this –

Understand, when you loose in inches, you loose pure fats.

To make us unhealthy, fat is a culprit & not just weight.

If you feel yourself slimmer to look into the mirror, if

your jeans is loose to wear, if people started noticing that you are doing

something…then you are actually on right track.

When you built muscles & loose fats your metabolism

becomes faster which helps you to loose futher in inches, correcting your

overall health Parameters.

Congratulate & Pat yourself for achieving Fat loss &

not just weight loss.


1 cubic inch of MUSCLE weighs 15-20% more than fat.

While one pound of fat and lean muscle weigh the

same, their composition varies immensely. Muscle is much denser than fat,

which means muscle occupies less space (volume) in the body compared to fat.

Muscle has a leaner appearance due to its high density whereas fat

occupies more space (volume) in the body.

Muscles are made of long fibers tightly woven together. Fats on

the other hand are composed of different sized Droplets & some are more

full than others.

In the image (P.C. Google) attached you will see that one pound of

muscle is taking less space than one pound of fat.

That means when you see yourself slimmer but no drastic change

on scale that means you are burning fats & building Muscles – Lean Muscle


How To measure your progress?


Check if you are feeling

Loose in your cloths


Click your Pictures every

week in same cloths & same position ( front & side ways) to know the

inch loss


Measuring tape will tell

you exact measurements & to understand the inch loss. Note it down every

week in a chart to know your progress.

What you need?


Patience & Consistency.


Well Structured workout

& Nutrition Plan.


Ditch the scale


7 hours of sleep for

growth & recovery of muscles


At least 4 liters of


Give it a good time of at

least 8-10 weeks at least to see those magical results.


Happy Lean Gains  



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