Sedentary Lifestyle

Published on 28 Jan 2019

dr rashmi shah

In todays Life , in the wave of achieving our goals & taking our career on top Notch, we often lead a sedentary life. 
This includes sitting in front of Laptop or in a meeting for hours, Drinking less water & indulging more caffeine ( in form of tea & coffee ) 
Along with that we are consuming that extra sugar too. 

Travelling in vehicles from end to end destinations, long sitting hours, stressful work culture ,  no Exercise & hence no control on eating junk food makes it even worse & put on more pounds. 

Not only this, it also leads to major lifestyle disorders like Type 2 Diabetes, High / Low Blood pressure,  Obesity, Hormonal imbalance, calcium deficiency & osteoarthritis etc. 

To avoid this, keep yourself active. 


1. Walk as much as you can.
2. Use stairs & not Lifts till 6th Floor. 
3. Get up from your place every hour & walk up n down the stairs fast. This will increase your heart rate, Improve blood circulation & keep your heart healthy. 


1. Make sure 50% of your main meal is veggeis - means cooked sabzi & raw salad. 
2. 30% should have proteins  in form of dals, sprouts, paneer, dahi, eggs, chicken etc. 
3. 20% of your food should have Complex carbs like Rice, Whole wheat roti, jowar/Bajra Bhakri, multigrain paratha etc. 
4. Avoid eating canteen Food, instead get your Lunch from home. Canteen food will be high in oil & sodium.
5. If hungry in between , grab a fruit, nuts or green tea. Keep your sugary tea coffee as less as possible.  

It is always advisable to consume less carbs when you are less active. 

Weather you are thirsty or not, consume at least 3.5 lit of water every day. This will keep you away from unwanted cravings & helps your to flush out toxins. 

This way, even if you dont get time to exercise you can keep yourself healthy & Lighter on weight. 


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