Plans & Packages

We empower you to make SMART food choices every day.
We enhance your understanding of good health and nutrition.
We support you on your Fitness journey….

How Do We Work...

Our Personalized and Group Fitness plans are designed to be followed from any corner of the world. The appointments happen over phone or in person.

But if you are in Pune we would love to meet you in our office in Pune and chat over a cup of Health Drink. Do note that we have no representative or authorized Center other than our Pune Office.

I hope to meet you in one of my fitness programs…..

We do Lifestyle Corrections For

  • Thyroid
  • Bed-Ridden Patients
  • PCOS
  • Cancer
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Pregnancy Health
  • Menopause
  • Post Pregnancy Fitness
  • Diabetes
  • Body Transformations
  • High / Low Blood Pressure
  • Weight Gain
  • Child Nutrition
  • Youth Fitness Training

Special Star Plans

Modelling Body Fitness

Pageant Ready
Body Shaping

Wedding Ready Fitness For
Bride & Groom

How we can help you

to achieve your fitness goals

Lets Get Fitter, Better And Healthier Together

Group Programs

These are the very unique programs conducted online through Facebook Secured Group (No one can find & see the posts in the group other than members) where 80+ like minded members are part of the group. The Fitness and Nutrition plan is designed keeping in mind the common goal of the entire group.

Daily updates, group Motivation, my coaching & support makes this program
a Fun experience while achieving the Fitness Goals.



  • Check the announcement on my Facebook page or website for the Group Fitness Programs
  • These are Time-Bound Programs which happen on specific dates as announced.
  • Check your eligibility for the announced Group Fitness Program and send your details as required. Read the announcement for more details.
  • Complete the payment process. You will get a confirmation of your payment.
  • You and all participants will be added to the secured group at the end of the registration date.


Preparation Time

  • After the registration closes, there will be a 4 to 6-days PREPARATION time for the program where you will be given preparation tasks to get ready for the challenge.
  • We believe that RIGHT preparation is the key to the success of the program



  • During the program, you will get a common theme based goal oriented Nutrition & Fitness Plan.
  • You will get a group coaching, support, motivation and guidance.
  • You will get help to resolve your common or specific queries or issues.
  • We will measure your progress weekly
  • There will be lot of group fun, excitement & peer motivation.
  • We will make few changes to the Nutrition & Fitness Plan to make it more interesting and challenging



  • At the end of the Group Fitness Program, we would like to see a new YOU
  • Would like to hear about YOUR Transformation

Personal Consulting

These are the EXCLUSIVELY designed personal plans where you get opportunity to connect with Dr. Rashmi Online or In-Person. Dr. Rashmi will design a personalized plan for you according to your lifestyle and goals.

Personal Consulting consists of:

This is an initial 45-60 minutes phone based or in person consultation session which will include your elaborate assessment, understanding your lifestyle-health history-genetics-eating habits, and set SMART goals. With this insight, we will create a RIGHT meal & exercise Plan for you. We will also coach you about the DOs and DON’Ts related to Nutrition & Fitness. We also will provide you with our signature “real life” success kit, which includes our customized daily food plan, grocery shopping lists, accurate food combinations, restaurant recommendations, and other many more important health intimate guides. The output of this session with be a uniquely designed plan just for you and a confidence that you can transform yourself.

These are 15-30 minutes phone based sessions to revisit your fitness improvements, changes, challenges, go over your food journals, guide you through upcoming changes, make any adjustments to your meal/exercise plan, and any other changes. These are conducted every 15 days during the plan duration.

These are 15-30 minutes phone based sessions at the end of the plan to review the changes, achievements and provide you a maintenance guide post plan.

The output of this Lifestyle Correction Plan is a HAPPY and FIT YOU.

  Online Plans


  • 45 days – INR 9000
  • 60 Days - INR 13500
  • Renewal - 45 days – INR 8000
  • Renewal - 60 days – INR 11000

  In person Plans


  • 45 days – INR 10000
  • 60 Days - INR 14500
  • Renewal - 45 days – INR 10000
  • Renewal - 60 days – INR 13000



  • Choose a Plan Duration: -45Days OR 60 Days.
  • Choose a plan type: - Online OR In-Person.
  • Complete the payment process.
  • Complete the payment process. You will get a confirmation of your payment.
  • Once we confirm the payment, you will get an assessment form from us.



  • You start by filling up the assessment form that will help us analyze your existing eating patterns, food likes-dislikes, nutrition habits, medical issues, family history, fitness goals
  • Once we receive the filled assessment form, appointments for the sessions are blocked for the entire plan duration as per the first availability.


Consultation Stage

  • You start off with a 45 to 60 minute-long first consultation session to analyze, understand about your existing Lifestyle & discuss the changes that needs to be made going forward.
  • Detailed Nutrition & Fitness Plan Package will be provided after the 1st Consulting Session
  • Follow-ups happen every 15 days during the plan
  • Weekly monitoring happens over emails.
  • We support you via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and email for all your queries.
  • Review Session happens at the end of the plan to guide you for post-plan fitness maintenance



  • After the completion of your plan, regardless of the duration and type of the plan, we maintain a lifelong relationship with you.
  • You can renew your plan till you achieve your required goal
  • We encourage you to keep sharing your fitness progress with us even after completing the plan.

Engage & Invite

She will Come….
She will Speak …. &
She will Change your lives forever….

Stop chasing the WRONG things, start learning RIGHT things…

  • Dr. Rashmi has always prided herself on her ability to communicate well and with a wide range of audiences, whatever their background or understanding on Nutrition & Fitness is.
  • Previously she has spoken on topics such as weight loss, childhood obesity, fussy eating, maternal nutrition and much more.
  • Dr. Rashmi is an excellent communicator in English , Marathi, Hindi & Gujarati and is able to convey complex information about nutrition in a clear and exciting way.
  • Gain clarity of Right Eating & Right Exercise to transform your health.
  • Release all the mistakes that are holding you back from achieving your Fitness Goals.
  • Sessions consists of Exercise, Coaching , Q&A, Meditation.

  Paid Sessions

Paid sessions for corporates, clubs & Ticketed Events .
Charges For Paid Sessions – INR 50,000.
Fees should be paid in full well in advance to confirm the session date & time.

  Free Sessions

Free Sessions for Government Institutes, Colleges, School & Non-Profit Organizations.